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Ball in the Hole released for Android platform!

November 21, 2013

Ball In The Hole Android App Review

Ball in hole 1

Ball in the Hole is an android game developed by LBH. The game is to balance and control the balls by titling the device. Your mission is to get white balls to the black holes. The game comes in two versions, the first is the free version and second is the full paid version. The free version has only two stages to play. While the full version offer 6 stages with 10 levels each.

As the game progress you can also unlock the special action ball. This new ball can be used to help the white balls get to the black holes to clear each level. The game also has a build in tutorial in first level to help you learn the game faster.

The game is just 13MB in size and is very easy to use. The game uses phone Accelerometer for motion of the balls. The game is much fun to play and is addictive. Everyone should give it a try.

Download Free lite version

Download Full version