Networking with RakNet

Have been playing around with RakNet (open source network engine) for the past two days and managed to get it working on Ogre3d! =) Although RakNet is easy to learn and implement it took me quite a while to manage to get the hang of programming it. With the help of “Player Demo” (a multiplayer game downloaded from ogre), I managed to put some working codes into my demo tank game. Firstly I created a Server program which is used to communicate with all the Clients. The Clients will be able to connect to the Server and send / receive packets to and fro. Currently I have successfully got the chatting part to work in my tank game. As it has been heavily coded without any networking element, I think I will have to re-code the whole program again 😥 It is far too tedious to have to put the networking part in for every feature and functions in my tank game. Also I have to think of how to implement these features for the networking portion so that no lag is imposed on the game.


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