Ogre3d 1.7

So far for the past few weeks I have been doing some updating to Ogre3d and other addons, and implementing additional graphics, models and features to my tank game. I have quite successfully compiled and built the libraries required for my tank game, using the latest versions of Ogre3d 1.7.1, Newton SDK 2.20, OgreNewt 2.0, CEGUI 0.7.1, irrKlang 1.3.0 and SkyX 0.1 (I am still eagerly waiting for 0.2!). I like the new terrain system in Ogre 1.7 and tried very hard to implement it in my game, at the same time building the Heightfield collision for it using Newton Game Dynamics. Although it took me a quite a while, the effort was worth it. I was so happy when I finally got it to work in my tank game! ^@^

I have been searching for a nice particle system all this while but wasn’t able to find one except for Particle Universe which is really cool. After some thoughts, I decided to purchase this software (it is not free!) as it is not really that expensive. It can be easily implemented in Ogre and it really has some nice particle effects! I like it very much and I think it is definitely worth the price that I paid.


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