Ball in the Hole released for Android platform!

November 21, 2013

Ball In The Hole Android App Review

Ball in hole 1

Ball in the Hole is an android game developed by LBH. The game is to balance and control the balls by titling the device. Your mission is to get white balls to the black holes. The game comes in two versions, the first is the free version and second is the full paid version. The free version has only two stages to play. While the full version offer 6 stages with 10 levels each.

As the game progress you can also unlock the special action ball. This new ball can be used to help the white balls get to the black holes to clear each level. The game also has a build in tutorial in first level to help you learn the game faster.

The game is just 13MB in size and is very easy to use. The game uses phone Accelerometer for motion of the balls. The game is much fun to play and is addictive. Everyone should give it a try.

Download Free lite version

Download Full version


Waveit web player demo part 2!

May 8, 2012

Finally tried and gotten some of the other libraries to work! But somehow irrklang doesn’t play music in the web browser… Got to investigate this! Can also try to do the opening of a new window instead of using the browser… Hope it can work so that I can make use of OIS in that window


Waveit web player! ^@^

May 7, 2012

Have successfully made used of the example ogre program in waveit web player and uploaded it to a web hosting server! The website address is: Finally managed to do it after a whole morning of research! Shall try and do my tank game onto this web browser! 🙂

Networking with RakNet

May 29, 2010

Have been playing around with RakNet (open source network engine) for the past two days and managed to get it working on Ogre3d! =) Although RakNet is easy to learn and implement it took me quite a while to manage to get the hang of programming it. With the help of “Player Demo” (a multiplayer game downloaded from ogre), I managed to put some working codes into my demo tank game. Firstly I created a Server program which is used to communicate with all the Clients. The Clients will be able to connect to the Server and send / receive packets to and fro. Currently I have successfully got the chatting part to work in my tank game. As it has been heavily coded without any networking element, I think I will have to re-code the whole program again đŸ˜„ It is far too tedious to have to put the networking part in for every feature and functions in my tank game. Also I have to think of how to implement these features for the networking portion so that no lag is imposed on the game.

Ogre3d 1.7

May 19, 2010

So far for the past few weeks I have been doing some updating to Ogre3d and other addons, and implementing additional graphics, models and features to my tank game. I have quite successfully compiled and built the libraries required for my tank game, using the latest versions of Ogre3d 1.7.1, Newton SDK 2.20, OgreNewt 2.0, CEGUI 0.7.1, irrKlang 1.3.0 and SkyX 0.1 (I am still eagerly waiting for 0.2!). I like the new terrain system in Ogre 1.7 and tried very hard to implement it in my game, at the same time building the Heightfield collision for it using Newton Game Dynamics. Although it took me a quite a while, the effort was worth it. I was so happy when I finally got it to work in my tank game! ^@^

I have been searching for a nice particle system all this while but wasn’t able to find one except for Particle Universe which is really cool. After some thoughts, I decided to purchase this software (it is not free!) as it is not really that expensive. It can be easily implemented in Ogre and it really has some nice particle effects! I like it very much and I think it is definitely worth the price that I paid.

World of Tankies

April 15, 2010

This is my first time blogging in wordpress! I hope to pen down and put all the games that I have created into this blog. Probably some of them might be stupid games but some may be fun. Anyway my main aim is to help out those who are very keen on creating their own games.

During my school days in SIM I have made a few “games” using 3d game studio engine for my assignments. Well most of them cannot be considered a game because they don’t even have anything to start or end with. They are simply there with some gameplay functionality. There’s a group project for one of the programming course and in the project we were supposed to do a tank game. After finishing the group assignment, I was so fed up with the messy codes that I have written using Lite-C that I re-code the whole thing again! This is quite a game with some particles, gui, weather, sound, pathfinding etc. It’s just like a mini-tank game but the thing is you and your enemies will never die. The tanks will just keep re-spawning! Lolz!

For my FYP in SIM, we did a Augmented Reality (AR) game. It was pretty impressive and we gotten a Distinction for the project! =) More details and game trailer can be found in

I am very interested and keen in creating games ever since I was young. I used to make games using papers, cardboards etc. but I never really made a full game before (I always give up halfway). However, this time I am very determine to make a fully functional game. It may take some time, probably a year or so, but I’ m just gonna do it!

I am very happy to have met Desmond (one of my classmates in SIM) who is also very keen on designing games. He is very good at 3d modelling especially in Maya. We are in the midst of doing up a robot game together with another friend of his, Chris. Chris is good at 2d arts. I hope the three of us will be able to succeed in making this game! ^^

Currently I am learning and using Ogre3d (recommended by Desmond) and I find that it is a very good graphics engine. Besides doing the robot game with Desmond and Chris, during my free time I am also trying to do a tank game myself. Something like what I have did for my group assignment in SIM but I am going to put more functionality, gameplay, skills etc. into the game! There’s so much things to learn about Ogre3d and its addon (Hydrax, Caelum, SkyX, Newton, irrKlang, Cegui and lots more!) and I really think it is so interesting and fun! I will putting up all the source codes and execute files for the games I have made here and I hope that all these will help out those who need them! ^@^

Demo Tank Game using Ogre3d and various addons:

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